Kansas District Disaster Fund

The Kansas District Disaster Fund is used to respond to natural and manā€made disasters as directed by the Board of Caring Ministry. District Disaster Funds are used to provide the following services:

  • Congregational Preparedness and Lutheran Early Response Team training
  • Building relationships with other Disaster Partners
  • Emergency, relief and development grants
  • Pastoral care for LCMS church workers and members who have been involved in a disaster. 
  • Resources (volunteer coordination, donation and equipment management) 

We thank you for your support for the Kansas District Fund. If you wish to make a contribution to assist in our various Disaster ministries, please make your check payable to Kansas District LCMS, write Kansas Disaster Fund in the memo and send to:  
     Kansas District LCMS
     1000 SW 10th Ave.
     Topeka, KS 66604