Comfort Dog Ministry in the Kansas District 

A comfort dog team can enhance the ministry of a congregation or school by being a bridge between those in need and the teacher, principle, chaplain, pastor, or trained lay person. Carolyn Buono and Jasmine have spent the last year visiting Lutheran Schools for Chapel and classroom presentations.   The goal of our Comfort Dog Ministry is to bring the healing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ to bear in the life of a sufferer.

During our school visits we have acquainted principles, teachers, students and parents with this ministry.   We also are available to visit congregations to share this ministry and are available to respond to any Critical Incident a congregation might encounter.

What constitutes a Critical Incident?

Basically, anything a congregation constitutes as a critical incident would be considered for a response.  Some examples of a critical incident include: death of a student, church worker, parent or other vital member of a congregational/school ministry; any tragic event or disaster in a community.  If called we are available to work in your church, your community, your schools, at funeral visitations, with the family of the deceased and even at funerals if invited.  We only respond if invited and work with local churches to meet their specific ministry needs for their congregation and community.    

How to initiate a visit?  

Contact the Kansas District office at 800-357-4421 to find out more.


Meet the comfort dogs who serve the Kansas District 
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